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Dermaflage – a new addition to my kit

During my visit to IMATS, I came across this product: Dermaflage concealer. I was attracted by the tubes as they are similar to the teeth whitening ones. I was offered a demo – on myself. My frown lines and chicken pot scar were the target of this exercise. I could not see the whole process, so I recorded with my mobile. It is quite straight forward:

• Clean the area to be treated
• Apply the primer
• Apply a tiny bit of the concealer (available in different skin tones) on the area.
Spread the product with your fingers, a brush or spatula.
• Place the texture silicone pad (your skin has texture so it needs to be replicated on the product)
• Let it set. To make sure the product is set; place a tiny bit of it on the palm of your hand. When dries, it is set.
• Remove the pad by rolling upwards.

You can wear make up. There are plenty tips on the website of Dermaflage.
I must say I am very pleased with the results achieved. This is definitely a must have in any makeup artist kit. There are other two products you can also add to your kit. For a more creative look, try the 3D glitters effects. For a fast FX try the dimensional injuries.